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IAMCP Communicator August 2016
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IAMCP Communicator
                                                            August 2016 Edition

Celebrating our award winners during WPC 2016!

IAMCP - Celebrating Success at WPC 2016!

With July and Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2016 having come and gone, I have been back in the office reflecting on WPC and following-up on the opportunities it presented. As always, it was an amazing experience and I am proud to have led the charge for IAMCP’s participation at WPC in Toronto this year. To kick-off this month’s newsletter, I thought I would share with you my thoughts about WPC and the flurry of IAMCP activities that were front and center at the event.

The IAMCP lounge this year was a real standout. The location was the best ever and we made a fantastic first impression on anyone entering The Community Hub in The Commons (expo hall area). With our existing members talking about the business value of belonging to this organization and connecting with visitors in the booth, we signed up more new members than ever before. Staying on the numbers theme for a moment, IAMCP WIT garnered interest from over 120 women looking to join the community—and that was from the luncheon alone!

The lounge also served as a hub of activity and center stage for recognizing award winners. We were pleased to recognize the IAMCP award winners—association members who set the bar for driving business growth through working with other partners throughout Microsoft's fiscal year. We were also pleased to recognize hard-working Microsoft supporters who received the Prometheus award.

In addition to attracting new members and recognizing award winners, we raised over $1000 through our charity raffle for “Right to Play”.

Engagement during the executive roundtables led to these being a big success and we appreciate all our guests for sharing their time and insights.

When it comes to being social, be it online or in-person, IAMCP members showed that they knew what to do. The Speakeasy party was a blast, the Happy Hours were happy, and the hash-tagging huge, with IAMCP topping the leaderboard most days.

Looking back on it all, it is clear that there was a lot of great IAMCP activity at WPC. Of course, this kind of activity only happens through the dedication and hard work of our amazing volunteers. A big thank you to all who lent their time and energy to making everything happen.

In closing, I think the best parts of WPC from an IAMCP perspective are the number of connections made and business opportunities created. That is what makes attending this event such a great investment for all of us.

I wish you success in working with your IAMCP colleagues this year to find new growth opportunities for your business.

I look forward to seeing you next year in my home town of Washington D.C. for WPC 2017!

Steve Hall
IAMCP WPC 2016 Chair

Microsoft & IAMCP WPC Success

This year’s Worldwide Partner Conference was a sold-out event and a big success because of partners like you! From open to close, the IAMCP booth was a vibrant hub for activities and networking. I heard stories of new partners committing to work with Microsoft after hearing your stories of success and partnership. I want to thank all of the IAMCP Partners for your support and contributions. Your volunteer time, enthusiasm, helpful suggestions, and insights made this a standout year. You prove every day that Microsoft partners are the best in the business. Thank you again!

Heather Doran, Senior Global Partner Marketing Lead, Microsoft

The place to be was the IAMCP Lounge at WPC 2016

Thanks for Visiting - Come Again Next Year!

The IAMCP booth was the place to be during WPC16! It was the location for a fun week full of business: recruiting new IAMCP members, gaining and sharing knowledge, and networking—all in one place in the expo hall. 

The booth had high traffic and was immediately noticed when walking onto the expo floor. It was where business got done—new members were introduced to current ones and IAMCP WPC Sponsors held short business meetings, networked, and socialized.

The sharing of IAMCP-related knowledge and experiences enticed new members to sign up rapidly. By day three, there were 67 new registrants and more than 600 leads. 

Thanks to the volunteers who welcomed people and made the booth such a vibrant and energetic location and thanks to all of you for visiting the booth.


IAMCP Partner Awards: Members in the Spotlight

We’re keeping the spotlight on all the IAMCP Partner award participants!

There were over 60 award nomination entries from IAMCP partners across the world. As such, it was very challenging to narrow it down to just 11 winners and finalists.

With such strong competition, we are committed to continuing the celebration by sharing as many partner stories as possible. Expect to read stories on how partner-to-partner relationships grew new business, presented opportunities to grow existing customer relationships, and offered business growth through new connections. These stories will also speak to the importance of diversity among our membership, including WIT, as well as to how community leadership by our IAMCP members drives a better world.

The Spotlight Series kicks off in the September newsletter with Quorus Software and its partnership with SharePoint Revolution.

Gail Mercer-MacKay of IAMCP International with 2016 IAMCP Award Winners!


Successful Partnerships - IAMCP & Dynasource
In today’s world, networking and collaboration with others is fundamental to long-term success. To take advantage of this, the IAMCP and Dynasource have entered into a worldwide agreement to give IAMCP’s members privileged access to Dynasource’s P2P platform. The intention is to support growth of P2P scenarios through stronger networking which will in turn benefit the overall Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Dynasource provides IAMCP members with the opportunity to be part of the biggest talent sharing network in the industry. Through Dynasource, an organization can team with global Microsoft partners and professionals, and offer up or find the best talent anywhere in the world.

For more information, see the joint IAMCP Dynasource web site.

Upcoming Webinar - What does this strategic partnership mean for you?

Mark your calendar: Wednesday September 7, 2016 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT.

The strategic partnership between IAMCP and Dynasource lets you identify and connect with partners and professionals whose expertise and availability complement your current business needs.

Find out more about this strategic partnership and how it can help you grow your business. Per Werngren, Chairman of IAMCP, will be joined by Peter Vach, VP of Business Development at Dynasource, to talk about how to use Dynasource for your organization and how it can help you to generate more business.

Click here to register.


Microsoft's Brad Smith & Ryan Risley of IAMCP

Rudy Rodriguez kicking off the Executive Roundtables at WPC 2016

IAMCP Executive Roundtables were sponsored by Armor

IAMCP Executive Roundtables Recap from WPC 2016
Over the course of 6 different sessions, more than 200 IAMCP members had an exclusive chance to hear firsthand from Microsoft executives and industry watchers in exclusive roundtable discussions.

Kicking off the series was the ever popular Mary Jo Foley of ZDNET’s “All About Microsoft” and “Windows Weekly”. Ms. Foley provided a view of what it is like to cover Microsoft and a behind-the-scenes view of the company’s big announcements.

New this year was a panel discussion on security featuring Ann Johnson, Vice-President Cyber Security at Microsoft, Armor Chief Security Officer, Jeff Schilling, Ric Opal, Executive Vice President, Peters & Associates, and Dovell Bonnett, Founder & CEO of Access Smart LLC and author of “Making Passwords Secure: How to Fix the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity”.

Another major highlight session was Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, who covered topics ranging from Microsoft’s legal team (575 lawyers and 1400 people) to the kinds of questions explored during Microsoft legal meetings (“What will be the regulatory rules for Cortana in 5 years?”) to bridging gaps between technology and government.

Gavriella Schuster hit the hot topics for all things partner and solicited input from IAMCP on opportunities for partners to better leverage Microsoft tools and resources to build business.

Following Gavriella’s session, Microsoft’s Paul O’Connell, Director of Partner Services Support, and Danel Jung, Senior Program Manager Partner Services, were on hand to further engage with IAMCP, uncovering more ways to collaborate.

Aziz Benmalek, Microsoft's Vice President of Worldwide Hosting & Cloud Services, closed out the roundtables on Wednesday afternoon.

A big thank you to the roundtable sponsor, Armor for their support. 

IAMCP WIT rocked at WPC! Tremendous interest was generated across the globe to start new communities. Women leaders in six different countries will be launching new IAMCP WIT Communities in the near future. We look forward to welcoming Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Germany as they join us in executing on the IAMCP WIT mission.

Inspiration was on the menu during the WIT luncheon where guest speakers included Gavriella Schuster, Kati Quigley and Heather Doran of Microsoft, Jo Burston (of Inspiring Rare Birds), Leesa Mayer (President of CRG Events), Julie Simpson (IAMCP and ResourceiT), and others.

The IAMCP WIT Business meeting highlighted plans, programs for FY17 and ideas on how to include everyone in the technology space to be part of the community.

Everyone left the conference feeling very inspired and ready to mentor other women across the globe. They also left with pipeline, and in some cases, closed business to execute!


Social With IAMCP - The Proof is in the Numbers

So how did #IAMCP fare on the social front at #WPC16?

• IAMCP gained over 300+ new followers across the two official IAMCP accounts @IAMCPUS and @IAMCPOrg
• Social media drove traffic to the IAMCP booth and resulted in the highest number of new members and leads of any WPC
• IAMCP was trending on the Social Media Leaderboard at WPC almost every day
• The creative use of social media for the Speakeasy Party got the attention of many Microsoft executives including Gavriella Schuster!

“The proof is in the numbers” as Jon Rivers says. Read about it firsthand on his LinkedIn post.

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