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IAMCP Communicator - December 2016 Edition
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IAMCP Communicator
                                                            December 2016 Edition

A Great Year Comes to an End and Time to Bid Farewell!

Thank you to my IAMCP friends for a great year! I came into office this year as Chairman with a bold and ambitious agenda and I am proud to say that we have all made great progress. I encourage you to check a sampling of our milestones in this newsletter to give you an idea of the incredible work and achievements to our credit. 

A community like the IAMCP gets stronger when people work together in order to deliver on a jointly shared vision. I am pleased to say that the teamwork on all levels of our association is great and the IAMCP is a fantastic example of true partnership and a role model for our industry. Important for the IAMCP going forward is to continue our modernization so that we are in tune with the direction of our industry and that we are relevant for our members and for Microsoft. The IAMCP is a mighty and important voice.

I have had the pleasure of leading the International Board for five whole terms which makes me the longest serving President ever. My history with the International Board started in 2002 and I did my first term as President in 2005. It has been a wonderful journey taking the association from four to now close to 50 countries. It is now time to step down and pave the way for new people.

In honor of our project around diversity, which I think is tremendously important and well needed, I want to show the way and open up the door for new people and perspectives.  I will step down by not seeking re-election from the International Board and from all other positions within the IAMCP, including leading our efforts in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. As the IAMCP has been a very big part of my life where I have formed so many great friendships, learnt so much and been part of so many wonderful things, it is of course also very sentimental for me, but I will always cherish this time and we all know that true friendships last forever and I intend to remain in the Microsoft eco-system as that is my home.

For the past few years, we have been rotating the leadership on an annual basis between the regions. Next year, it is Latin America that has the honor. With great pleasure, I am handing over the leadership to Javier Abreu from Costa Rica and I wish him and the board the greatest success going forward.

I will continue to be the greatest supporter of the IAMCP and I will enjoy being a professional advisor, public speaker and private investor in the Microsoft eco-system, helping partners realize their potential. I am sure I will see all of you at WPC in Washington D.C next year. I also look forward to joining more of our great chapters' meetings.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Per Werngren.


The board members of IAMCP International wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season. We asked a few of them what else they wish for this season. Keep reading to find out more.

Holiday Greetings from Canada
International board member Corinne Sharp has worked with partners in the Microsoft ecosystem for years. What is she looking forward to most for the coming year? Assuming IAMCP Canada’s President post in 2017 and representing the interests of Canadian partners in country and globally. When asked about the best gift she could receive this holiday season, her response: many new and happy IAMCP members!

Corinne Sharp of Sharp Perspective wishing members a Happy Holiday Season!


Jacobo Senior (center) hard at work for IAMCP and looking forward to a holiday break.

Feliz Navidad from Colombia
It has been a year to be proud of for Jacobo Senior, IAMCP International Board Member from Colombia. He is most pleased with the streamlining of IAMCP and the work that has been done to update the bylaws and term limits. If he could, he would wrap up as a gift for all members, the ability to foster alliances, build P2P relationships, and the power that exists at the chapter level. As for 2017, he is looking forward to dynamic momentum and P2P activities extending from chapters to across regions, volunteers proactively leading chapter and regional activities, and teamwork and timely communication at all levels of IAMCP.
Wishes from WIT!

Christine Bongard, IAMCP WIT board representative, will be celebrating Christmas hosting her family. They will arrive midday, exchange presents, and share a delicious meal with lots of love and laughter. They will probably take some time to retell the story of her brother forgetting to bring the turkey resulting in Chinese takeout for Christmas dinner that year.                                      

When not enjoying time with her family, Christine thinks a lot about results and IAMCP. Were it possible, the gift she would give to the membership would be the gift of tolerance and acceptance. As Christine puts it, “We are a community comprised of so many perspectives. Sometimes it divides us, but it is also what makes us unique and helps us do great things together”.


Christine Bongard - all smiles and wishing the best for IAMCP


Jeff Goldstein (center) absorbing insights during executive roundtables at WPC.
Dreaming of more sponsors!

Jeff Goldstein is well known to IAMCP members in the United States Tri-State Area and throughout the organization. Reflecting on 2016, he is most proud of how well IAMCP showed up for WPC in general and particularly for the organization’s exclusive executive roundtables hosted at the conference.                                    

The gift Jeff would most like you to open? Lots of LEADS! Over the holidays, when he is not catching up on his sleep, he will be thinking about the great things to come and looking forward to signing up new IAMCP sponsors in 2017.

IAMCP Now in China!

The IAMCP China Chapter was officially launched on December 1, 2016, during Microsoft Ignite China.

Approximately 30 Microsoft partners from various fields gathered at Beijing’s China National Convention Center to witness and celebrate the launch of the IAMCP China chapter.

The ceremony kicked off with a speech from Robert Helgerth, VP SMS&P Greater China Region, Microsoft, who expressed his pleasure that IAMCP is finally coming to China. After the spirit-lifting speech by Robert, Junsheng Hao, Chairman of IAMCP China, expressed his thoughts on the founding of the IAMCP China Chapter. He explained that by joining IAMCP, Chinese partners will have more opportunities to expand their business abroad and work with foreign partners who wish to do business in China but are unfamiliar with the Chinese market.

The IAMCP China board is made up of nine members: Junsheng Hao from Yungoal (Chairman), Linda Lin from Microsoft (Vice Chairman), Le Chang from Yungoal (Secretary), Min Xie from Sinoage (Board Member), Yubin Huang from Xunyisoft (Board Member), Guangpeng Zhou from Nysoftland (Board Member), Sherman Sun from Ingram Micro (Board Member), Hengyuan Hu from Comlan (Board Member), and Qiaochen Wang from CNBM Technology (Board Member).

The founding ceremony ended in a warm and light-hearted atmosphere, with attendees taking group photos together. Congratulations IAMCP China!


Congratulations to IAMCP China!

Data, Diversity and Action

IAMCP WIT’s liaison, Heather Doran of Microsoft, recently shared some interesting information about the opportunities for women in IT and what IAMCP WIT can do to realize the potential on the horizon. Here is some data on purchasing power that you may find surprising:

• Women represent 40% of the global workforce and control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending.
• Women purchase nearly 85% of consumer electronics.
• Women spent $55 billion on consumer technology products last year.

Even with that kind of purchasing power in the market, women are underrepresented at every level in corporations. As per a study by McKinsey & Company, it starts at the entry level positions with women representing 45% and drops to 17% for “C-Suite” positions. The usual culprits are at play: lack of role models, bias in the workplace, and a lack of focus on diversity.

Fortunately, the potential for a solution exists if groups like IAMCP WIT act to make change happen. To that end, Heather encouraged the community to take the following steps:
• Engage in mentoring and coaching others;
• Take workshops and role play scenarios to come up with effective approaches;
• Focus on the skills needed for more senior positions such as negotiating, leadership, and public speaking;
• Generate customer leads and close business;
• Invest in networking.

IAMCP Mentorship
The IAMCP, in conjunction with Microsoft, is proud to announce an exciting, brand-new mentorship program. Tapping into key pillars of IAMCP such as P2P, community, education, and growth, this program sets out to help mentees with the following goals:

• Get to Gold in a Cloud Competency;
• Increase growth and profitability;
• Base offerings on top of Microsoft cloud services.

Mentors will be highlighted on the IAMCP website. The matching process is done such that there is no competitive risk. Mentors commit to helping mentees and participating in a monthly conference call with emails/phone calls as needed. IAMCP and Microsoft will make sure mentors are trained and supported with the latest studies, reports, whitepapers, and personal advice.
Answer a brief survey to register.

IAMCP WIT - Mark your Calendars Feb 16th 12:00 EST

Join us on February 16th at 12:00pm (EST) for the next IAMCP “We’ve Got WIT” webinar.
Author and coach Kris Plachy presents her highly rated session: How to Deal with Difficult People.

Dealing with difficult people, conversations, or situations is an almost daily occurrence for most professionals. Our ability to effectively negotiate challenges and the complexities of communicating with others is an essential skill. Unfortunately, this skill is often overlooked in our professional development. As a result, many “difficult” situations are often ignored, avoided, or exacerbated by individuals’ inability or unwillingness to confront the challenges. In this webinar, participants will learn the following:
• How we define difficult determines how we engage with others;
• What leads to difficult behavior and our discomfort with it;
• The five truths for working with difficult people;
• Practical tools to apply immediately with difficult colleagues.
Kris Plachy delivered this session at WPC to high ratings and rave reviews.  Register today.                                                         


It’s been an incredible year for IAMCP with many accomplishments of which we can be proud. Just to name a few:

Modernized our Bylaws
Introduced the free Network Membership (LATAM added this week)
Partnership with Dynasource
The P2P track at WPC16 got the highest ratings
Formalized voting seat for WIT Chair on WW and regional boards
Successful WW expansion for IAMCP WIT
Opened Chapters in South Africa and China
Recognized India as an IAMCP Region (on the same level as USA and EMEA)
Started the IAMCP Marketing Engine
Implemented board term limits
Started the IAMCP Mentorship Program with overwhelming turnout
Started the IAMCP Drive Diversity initiative that is about encouraging chapters to make their boards mirror how society looks like today (more to come in 2017)

Congratulations to all our board and members who have been part of pushing our mission forward and making this the best association in the industry!

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