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The Power of Partnerships
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"In this continually challenging economic period, it can be difficult for channel partners to find ways to grow their business in new technologies, industries, and geographies without taking on more risk than is acceptable to their business model,"

"The Partnering Maturity Model provides a framework for channel partners to use when considering their own readiness to partner as well as that of an organization with which they want to partner."

- Christine Dover, Research Manager Software Channels, IDC

Partnerships are Essential to Profitability and Growth

Today more than ever, partnerships are essential to building total solutions, business growth and winning against the competition. However, learning how to build the right partnerships effectively can be challenging, time consuming, and costly.

According to IDC research, the case to partner includes:

  • Increased sales and marketing coverage in current or new geographies.
  • Access to solution and customer specific expertise and knowledge.
  • Industry specific expertise.

The same research highlights more market share, stronger reputation, competitiveness, profitability, and coverage of resource and solution gaps as the value derived from successful partnerships. So why some partners do still chose to go it alone? The reason is that it takes time and money to build relationships and develop trust. Imagine if there were a better, more effective way to partner.

Best Practice and Best in Class Drives Partnering Success

IAMCP, with the engagement of its large variety of partners and experts, is considered to be a thought leader in the ecosystem that is well positioned to accelerate the benefits of partnership.

Based on Industry Developments and Models, A Blueprint for Partner-to- Partner Networks: The P2P Maturity Model and in collaboration with IDC, IAMCP created the P2P Maturity Model

The model is a framework of 10 business functions and 4 levels of maturity that must be considered when two or more organizations look to partner on a deal, campaign, or business. The P2P Maturity Model has been tan invaluable tool to help IAMCP partners grow their businesses profitably.

IAMCP is taking it to the Next Level… The P2P Maturity Model Playbook and Training Program

In recognition of the impactful role that partnership plays with our membership, IAMCP and Microsoft are taking the model a step further with the P2P Maturity Model Playbook and training program, a practical “how-to” approach to mastering skills essential for developing and sustaining successful partnerships.

P2P Maturity Model Playbook Features

  • A quick assessment to determine priorities for building your partnering program
  • A step-by-step workbook, resources, and assets.
  • An example of partner journey through the stages of maturity.
  • An educational webinar featuring getting started information.


This unique offering yields many benefits to IAMCP members including:

  • Building the business case for developing a channel infrastructure.
  • Shaping of a robust channel infrastructure and shortening the time to market.
  • Providing laser-like focus on areas of highest business priority to assist with targeting the right investments.
  • Enabling agile business transformation.
  • Guiding business decision through a best in class framework and methodology which has been proven in the marketplace.

Your Action Item: Partner for Growth Today

Business moves too fast and you do not want to be left behind the competition.Now is the time to get started growing through partnerships:

  • If you are not already an IAMCP member, join now for resources, support, and networking that leads to business opportunities.
  • Attend the “P2P Maturity Model Playbook” webinar (coming soon)
  • Download the P2P Maturity Model Playbook. (coming soon)
  • Use the P2P Maturity Model and priority assessment to understand your company's own partnering readiness and to evaluate companies with which you might partner. (coming soon)

Fast Forward

IDC expects that partnering between channel partners will become more formal and structured, as well as more frequent. Working with the P2P Maturity Model and Playbook will enable your organization to:

  • Effectively and efficiently use P2P approaches that increase market share and accelerate growth.
  • Understand how to increase capacity to serve customers in existing and other geographical markets.
  • Target the right partnerships for your organization and build a channel program that works.
For partners who get it right, there are potentially millions of dollars available as your business grows, your opportunities escalate and your market broadens or deepens at a pace you could not achieve on your own.
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