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IAMCP Communicator May 2016
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IAMCP Communicator
                                                            May 2016 Edition

Welcome from Per Werngren, IAMCP

Dear IAMCP Colleagues,

If someone offered to help your business achieve better financial performance, realize higher return on sales investments, and a greater return on equity, you would gladly embrace the opportunity. Catalyst, a leading research organization shows us that these are the types of results to be obtained from gender diverse workforces and leadership teams.

Turning the conversation to IAMCP, the benefits of being more vocal and active in our pursuit of gender diversity are numerous: a much needed membership growth, a rise in active chapter engagement, an even more trusted voice, and more business opportunities for everyone. Gender diversity is not an initiative or a nice thing to do. It just makes common sense!

A balance of perspectives, skills, and voices at the table are essential to representing our customers and the Microsoft ecosystem we serve.

Jennifer Didier, Global Chair of IAMCP WIT, and I recently recorded a webinar on this topic. I invite you to listen to that conversation or join us for the next webinar on May 18th .

I want to see every IAMCP chapter and WIT Community working closely together with every chapter having a voting WIT representative on its board—and this is just the first wave. We also need to make sure that the composition in our different boards better mirror how our society looks today. We should clearly see that the goal of 50% women is achievable and we should put mechanisms in place to make it happen.

The time to act is today. Reach out and connect with your IAMCP or IAMCP WIT counterpart and make sure that WIT has a vote at your board’s table. The International Board is taking the lead and we have now created a voting regular seat for WIT, so now I challenge you all to follow in our footsteps.

It makes good business sense for all of us to work together to make IAMCP a thriving organization that better represents the society in which we work. It is time to take the lead and vote more women into leadership positions today.

Please feel free to reach out to me at or Skype per.werngren.

Warm regards and always at your service,

Per Werngen
Chairman, IAMCP 

IAMCP Launches Free Membership for EMEA/APAC Regions
In April, IAMCP launched the Network Membership. This level of membership is free to join for EMEA & APAC regions. As a network member you can participate fully in our IAMCP online experience, including the dynamic Yammer community, receive IAMCP communications, and search for members globally to build profitable Partner-to-Partner (P2P) relationships. Click here for more details and to sign up.

Kati Quigley and Gail Mercer-MacKay congratulate last year's Prometheus winner Joshua Shea, US region award

Nominate a Microsoft Employee for Business Excellence!

Do you work with someone at Microsoft who you believe is making a real impact on your business?  If so, this is your chance to nominate him or her for recognition at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) with the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) Prometheus Awards.

The Prometheus Awards recognizes Microsoft employees who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to supporting the partner community. Nominate today!

Nomination deadline: May 17th


2016 IAMCP Awards
It is time to step up and be recognized!

If you have delivered innovative solutions to satisfied clients using the latest Microsoft technology and you partner with other partners to go to market, submit your story! Do not miss the opportunity to bring visibility to your solutions and step into the winners circle.

For award submission and qualification details, click here.

2016 winners will be recognized at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

Entry deadline: May 27th

IAMCP Awards 2015 in Orlando

Experience the Partner to Partner (P2P) Journey
IAMCP and Microsoft worked with 3 partners to help them apply the P2P Maturity Model to their business and assess their P2P opportunities. The experience of Altec, SELA Canada, and Brittenford Systems has been shared through a series of blog postings and mini case studies. Experience these journeys for yourself here.                                   

IAMCP and Dynasource Partnering for Joint Success

A worldwide agreement has been struck with Dynasource, a leader in P2P collaboration platforms, to give IAMCP members privileged access. IAMCP and Dynasource partnering together will grow the Microsoft partner ecosystem, making it easier to find new partners, create cross border opportunities, and increase revenue.

Click here for more information.

E3 is Underway

IAMCP WIT E3 (Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Excellence) kicked off in April with 14 women executives and entrepreneurs from around the world participating in this unique program. Program participants from the US, UK, Spain, Canada, Trinidad, and Nigeria are treated to deep dives in topics such as marketing strategy and analytics, KPIs and competitive advantage, business performance measurement, sales conversion and growth strategies along with coaching and mentoring to help them grow their businesses to the next level.

There will be opportunity to hear more about the journey that the E3 women are taking and to celebrate their stories at WPC in Toronto—stay tuned!

Award Winning Episerver Stands Out with Cloud and Partners
Creating an easy-to-use platform that empowers marketers and merchandisers alike to manage content and commerce in a seamless way and create digital experiences in the cloud is one way Episerver stands out. This 2015 IAMCP Award winner is also dedicated to building successful partnerships and supporting the Microsoft ecosystem. Read more about Episerver’s success.

Changes to the MPN Competencies

Microsoft recently introduced changes to the MPN Competencies. For a view of what it means and how IAMCP can help, check out these resources: 

Per Werngren's blog post on the topic. and view the competency guide to explore and learn about what competency options are recommended for you.

Visit the MPN Evolution page for detailed information, resources, and program updates.

Leverage the Cloud SureStep resources to accelerate your transition to the cloud.

MPN Evolution PowerPoint deck and notes

Mark Your Calendars for WPC

IAMCP will be busy this year at WPC in Toronto. Mark your calendars and get ready to participate in the exciting activities that IAMCP has planned including those highlighted below. This is just a quick sample. Look for more details in a special WPC issue of IAMCP Communicator in June.

IAMCP Golf Tournament 

This year’s charity golf tournament is on Sunday, July 10th at Lionhead Golf & Country Club. Sponsorship opportunities are available!

IAMCP WIT and WPC Women are joining forces for a special “happy hour” networking session with Gavriella Shuster. This takes place in the community hub on Monday July 10th at 5:30 pm.



Top 5 Social Media Accounts to Follow the IAMCP

(By IAMCP's resident social media expert, Jon Rivers, of Marketing Monarchs)

Where can you follow us and get great content to supplement the newsletters, webinars, Chapter Meetings, and of course, WPC? The answer is right at your fingertips. 

Joining the IAMCP on Social helps increase awareness of the amazing reasons why the association is so valuable to all Microsoft Partners. You know the reasons, so let’s share that with ½ million other Microsoft Partners worldwide through the following:

1. IAMCP Calendar (RSS Feed) – Did know you can add a RSS feed to Outlook to know when all the IAMCP events are happening? Click Here (International) or here for (US) and look for  RSS Image and then click it and add that URL to outlook.
2. Facebook – There are multiple groups/pages on Facebook but make sure you join either/or both the International & US Pages/Groups. After you have joined those, find out if your local chapter/region has one as well and join that.
3. LinkedIn – You can find us at International and/or US. Like Facebook, many of the local chapters/regions have their own groups as well so go and support them.
4. Twitter – Make sure you are following International (@IAMCPOrg) and/or US (@IAMCPUS). 
5. Yammer – You can also find us on Yammer here.

Being a listener on the social channels outlined above is a great start. Consider taking that to the next level by being active in sharing content that is useful to all members. It will help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise. You never know - it just might lead to an opportunity from another IAMCP member. So get Social!

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